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Why Hire a Coach?

Learning a new skill is hard. When learning to play a sport or perfecting a sport; there is always a coach that is there to support the athlete. Singers often have voice coaches; there are coaches for public speaking. Why is it then, that having a coach help you learn to lead a healthy lifestyle isn’t as common as the rest of these? Why do so many people try to take their health and fitness goals into their own hands without any training or education? Sure, we’re taught basic nutrition and the importance of exercise in school; but in today’s world that is rapidly becoming more sedentary and filled with fast foods that are not nutritious, it is easy to lose sight of what a healthy lifestyle looks like.

For many people, it isn’t until they are unhappy, uncomfortable and have spent years eating a processed diet and not exercising enough before they decide they need to make a change. This change, leading a healthy lifestyle, can be very overwhelming when trying to put it into action. You might know in theory what you need to do, but as with any skill, it takes practice, guidance and discipline. You wouldn’t know how to ride a bike, fly a plane, or perform surgery without the proper training. You definitely wouldn’t master these skills from advertisements online, or magazine articles, or someone promising you a medical degree in 30 days!

How is learning to fuel and train your body properly any different? The simple answer is that it’s not. There is so much information out there promising quick fixes, targeting belly fat, beach bodies in 30 days, ect… but the reality is, that having a lean body and healthy eating habits takes time; sometimes months and years of hard work before you are exactly where you want to be!

Benefits of having a health and nutrition coach

Many of the fittest people you will see have worked with a coach, trainer, or mentor to help them get where they are today. They have invested in someone that has already gone through the training and done the work to learn what works and what doesn’t. Here are some benefits of working with a coach to reach your health and fitness goals:

-They lead by example: people don’t tend to be health coaches of any kind without walking the walk. A coach dedicated to helping you hit your fitness goals, is also doing the work. They know the struggles, they understand that progress is not always linear, they are trained to help overcome obstacles when life gets in the way. They are committed to continuing learning and growing themselves, so that they can give their clients guidance. They probably have coaches or mentors themselves!

-They help with goal setting: whatever your long-term goal is; this could be a lean body, less bloating or maybe you just want to have enough energy to be able to spend time playing with your kids or grandkids; a coach will help you set a long term goal. In order to reach this goal, a coach helps set small goals along the way and works with their clients to create action steps that get them to each small goal. A coach will help ensure that each goal long or short is a S.M.A.R.T. goal and help you set yourself up for success.

-Meal Plans and Movement: while the truth is that no one can do this work for you, the end results are ultimately on you and your commitment to yourself; a coach can give you calculated meal plans that are designed to reach your goals if followed properly. Together you can find out what works for your body and what doesn’t. If your coach is certified as a trainer, they can also provide exercise programs tailored to your goals.

-Accountability: having a coach is not only someone to learn from, they are also there to hold you accountable. It is easier to stick to a program when you know you have to answer to someone each week about how you put in the work. A coach is there to be your cheerleader for your wins, and your support when you are frustrated with your progress or lack of.

Here at Grace Savory and Sweet we have nutrition coaches on staff waiting to help you with your health and fitness goals! If this is something that you are interested in learning more about, reach out to us on our website or Instagram and we would be happy to give you more information!

*Information in this article is for education purposes only and should be used as such.

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