Teffola Parfait 300 Cal, 19F, 24C, 7P

Greek yogurt with berries, chia and Teffola Granola (Teff, Oats, Nuts, Seeds & Maple) 

*Contains nuts, dairy


Eggs & Hash 454 cal, 6F, 52C, 29P

3 whole baked eggs with potato and vegetable hash


Overnight Oats 496 cal, 21F, 50C, 30P

Oats with almond butter, almond milk and vegan protein with chia and berries

*Contains nuts


Overnight Oats & Eggs

Overnight oats (above) with a side of 3 egg whites

*Contains nuts


Protein pancakes 455 Cal, 17F, 40C, 35P

Made from oats, eggs and pea protein (add Maple for $.50 or 1/2 cup berries for $1.00)

*Contains peanuts


Turkey, kale & tomato pesto breakfast bowl with quinoa and scrambled egg whites 500 Cal, 25F, 37C, 30P

*Contains dairy & nuts

Breakfast Items