The FAQs

* What is Grace Savory & Sweet?

Grace Savory & Sweet produces a variety of high quality food products, all of which are gluten free! We specialize in individual pre portioned prepared meals, that come to you fully prepared so that all you need to do is reheat and eat! Check out our services page to learn more!


Our vision is to source globally and provide high quality, trend relevant food products that nourish.


Our Mission is to continuously research local food trends to keep offerings relevant to our clients. To prepare products with pride, precision and care, without exception. Practice what we preach, and live by the products we offer, because we truly believe in them. Consistently evolve and improve what we do.


* How does ordering work?

New menus are posted every Monday on our products tab, and we take orders up through Thursday evenings. Our team prepares your meals fresh, from scratch and they are ready for pick up or delivery the following Monday evening.


* Do I have to commit to ordering a certain amount of meals?

No! You can order one meal or twenty, it’s is completely up to your needs for the coming week.

* Something came up, can I cancel my order?

If you contact us prior to our Thursday 9pm order deadline, yes! If our order deadline has passed, you will still receive your order and can freeze your meals for future use. 


* What do the different portion/plan options mean when selecting menu items?

Standard – includes protein of choice, a cup of vegetables and a serving of complex carbs.

Macrosyou must submit your MACROS to us in advance; once we have your macro needs on file, we portion meals according to your macros.

Keto – Low carb vegetables replace carbs in the menu item and a tablespoon of high quality fat is added, such as coconut, avocado or olive oils. 

Whole 30 – Vegetables replace any non-compliant menu items.  

Vegan – Beans, legumes, or tofu replace animal proteins in the menu item.

Dairy Free – Same base meal, but we hold the dairy.


* What if I require a special diet?

Contact us and we can discuss options available to accommodate your specific needs. We also offer customized meals for clients that have a macro plan created, and portion meals according to macros provided. This customization option requires special pricing.

* I missed the ordering deadline, how can I still get meals?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have temporairly eliminated our retail meal options for walk in purchase, and are accepting orders only.  

* I placed an order. When do I get my meals?

Orders are available the following Monday for pick up between 4-7 pm, or Tuesdays 11am-6pm at our store. If you've opted for delivery, they'll arrive at your address on Monday between 4-7pm.

* Do you deliver to my area ?

Here are areas where we're currently delivering to (please DO NOT select delivery if the address in not in one of these locations):


Beverly Hills

Bingham Farms


Bloomfield Hills






Farmington Hills



Huntington Woods




Pleasant Ridge


Royal Oak

Sylvan Lake


South Lyon


West Bloomfield