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Five Common Obstacles in a Weight Loss Journey

The end of the year is rapidly approaching and that means many of us are either thinking about next year’s physical goals, or thinking about the goals we set for ourselves this year. Where did you land? If you crushed them; CONGRATS! You did the hard work and it paid off. If you’re not where you were hoping to be, let’s look at why that may be.

It is no secret that life in 2023 is busier than ever! We’re working more, driving our kids all over God’s green earth, running a household and trying to have some semblance of a social life for you know… mental health! Time can easily slip away from us and all of a sudden, it’s the end of the day and we did not take the time to prioritize our health, AGAIN.

Everyone faces these obstacles, it is how we decide to deal with them that controls the outcome. Here are 5 common struggles we see with clients and tips for overcoming each obstacle.

No Plan in Place

You’ve decided to lose weight and take control of your health, congrats!!! How do you plan to get to your goal? Do you have a plan in place? Have you ever heard the phrase “if you fail to plan; plan to fail”? We have an entire blog post about setting S.M.A.R.T. goals that is a great reference for creating a plan. Make sure that you have a realistic goal and a road map to getting you there. Working with a coach can help you set both long and short term goals with solid plans on how to achieve these goals.

“I Don’t Have the Time to Work Out”

This might feel true! However, if you were to truly look at your day from the time you wake up until the time you went to bed, would every minute of every day be completely occupied? If you think it might be, try tracking all your activity for a day. How much time did you spend mindlessly scrolling through your phone? Did you sit and watch tv? Were you out socializing with friends?

This is not to say that you shouldn’t have any down time or go out with friends. It IS to say that if weight loss is a priority to you, then some sacrifice is probably necessary. What in your daily life can you move around or go without in order to take care of your health? A 30-minute workout or walk can make a big difference, especially in the beginning of your journey.

“I Don’t Have Time to Cook”

Hi! We can help you with that! Outsourcing cooking through a healthy meal prep company can be a great way to overcome this obstacle, however, we realize that is not an option for everyone. If you cannot have someone else prepare your meals for you, then YOU have to do the cooking. This doesn’t need to be fancy, complicated or even very time-consuming, but it needs to get done. Your weight loss success will come from about 10% of your workout efforts and 90% from your nutrition.

Take the time 1-2 days a week and prepare bulk quantities of proteins, starches and veggies. Store these separately in airtight containers and pull them out to quickly create a meal. Season your proteins generously and have sauces available to keep things interesting.

FOMO- Fear of Missing Out

Just because you are on a fitness journey, does not mean you don’t get to have any fun! In fact, the “all or nothing” mindset will be a hinderance to your success. Parties, holidays and various celebrations are some of the best parts about life, and just because you want to be healthy does not mean that you have to miss out on this! You may need to have LESS fun, but there are ways to enjoy yourself without sabotaging your progress.

Prepare ahead of time by logging the food and drinks you plan to have at said celebration. Instead of carelessly having 5 drinks, maybe you are only having 2-3 drinks and you are focusing on the healthier food options available. Once you have these logged, plan the rest of your day around this meal. Maybe this looks like having less carbohydrates throughout the day because you know that you’re going to have pizza and dessert.

Another tip is to prepare those around you for your change in behavior. Announce to those who might question your choices that you are on a weight loss journey and you will be making choices that you might not have made in the past. By letting people know your intentions, you can avoid them offering you food and drinks that may not serve your goals.

“I’m Doing Everything Right but the Scale Won’t Budge”

The first thing to do in this situation is to be completely honest with yourself… ARE you doing everything right? If you are eating in a fashion that serves your goals, getting enough movement in, and sleeping well but the scale still won’t move; that does not mean you aren’t making progress, it just means your weight didn’t change.

The scale is one of MANY tools that we can use to track progress in our fitness and weight loss journeys but it is not the only one! Weight fluctuates daily for most people, especially for women. Here are some other ways to track progress:

1) Taking measurements around your arms, waist, chest, hips, legs.

2) How your clothes fit.

3) Energy levels.

Here are Grace Savory & Sweet, our coaches are waiting to help you overcome these obstacles and any others that may come up in your daily life. Reach out to us for a consultation and to see the various programs that we offer.

**This post is intended for educational purposes only and should not replace medical advice from your doctor.

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