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Are you looking to implement food tracking in order to support your nurition, physique or overall health and wellness? It can seem daunting and overwhelming AT FIRST attepmt- but with a little time and training it becomes second nature and en extremely beneficial tool for creating success in these areas. Accuracy and understanding are critical when it comes to food logging/tracking in order to see a return {progress}; don't waste your precious time with inaccurate tracking that doesn't create the progres you desire! Clients who understand the "how to" and "why" end up being much more successful with progress AND typically feel that tracking is actually quite simple to do. 


Let our team help alleviate the stress, provide a simplified explanation of what "macros" are, how to log food intake in an app such as MyFitnessPal and leave you feeling more confident.


We will send you a quick guide on macro tracking, and follow up with a 30 minute phone or zoom consultation on how to navigate MyFitnessPal and entering your daily food intake with accuracy. 

Nutrition Coaching Basics