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Tips for Keeping a Positive Mindset when Changing Eating Habits

The new year is in full swing; how are those resolutions coming along? Have you been able to keep that promise to yourself that this year things would be different? If you’re still trying to find your way, don’t feel bad; more than 80% of people struggle to keep those resolutions going! If one of your resolutions was to get your eating on track, here are some helpful tips to keep you in the right mindset. Changing any habit can be very challenging, but if you have the right mindset, anything is possible!

Mindset #1: What is healthy for one person, might not be healthy for YOU.

Each human body is designed to be perfectly different from the next. That is what makes you, YOU. We’ve all known someone that had great success by going Keto, or by not drinking pop, or eating a Subway sandwich everyday for a year! While that can be incredibly frustrating to not have a complete road map to success, the great thing is that your body is an incredible tool for experimenting. As you learn to fuel your body in a way that makes you feel amazing it is important to embrace curiosity each step of the way. Take time to listen to the cues your body gives you; as you begin to listen, the cues might be faint, but the more you listen, the louder they will become. It will tell you if what you are doing is working. If it doesn’t react the way you hoped, don’t be discouraged, just head back to the drawing board.

Mindset #2: No diet should be treated as Dogma, but they can be used as references.

There are hundreds of different dietary theories out there. All of them shift around which macronutrients you should be eating, how many and when you should be eating them. Whichever theory you chose to follow, it is important to give yourself grace as you make these changes. Life is going to come your way, stress is going to derail your day, and you are going to want to fall back to old habits. While these habits may no longer serve your new goals, it is important to not get discouraged or frustrated with yourself. A good rule of thumb in the beginning is the 80/20 rule. If 80% of the time you are taking actions that move you towards your goal, it is good to give yourself grace that other 20% of the time. Progress over perfection will win every time!

Mindset #3: Your diet will change as you change.

You may be in a groove with your eating habits right now, and that is amazing! You are feeling good and confident in your choices. However, it is possible that could change if you enter a new phase of life, or a big event occurs that changes your stress levels. It is important to listen to your body always and continue to feed it with food that makes you feel your best.

Mindset #4: Instead of “I can’t have” try saying “I get to have”

We’ve all been there, we made the promise to ourselves that we are going to start eating “right” and taking care of our body. We can see our best version of ourselves out there, but along the way, we will see amazing treats or events that do not align with the version of us that we are trying to become. Instead of saying “I can’t have that pizza” or “I can’t drink that glass of wine” what if you were to phrase it “I get to have (insert delicious substitute) instead because it nourishes my body and helps me feel my best”

This is just a small list of positive mindsets that can help you be successful in reaching your nutrition goals. If you are struggling in this area, or would like someone to help guide you in the right direction, Grace Savory & Sweet offers nutrition coaching. We will help you set goals and help you reach them. All with a positive mindset! Plus, if you didn’t already know, we can prepare your meals as well. It’s like hitting the easy button!

**This article is intended for educational purposes only.


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