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Our weekly menu features for Monday, September 25th

Ordering closes Thursdays each week at 9pm

Click on the images at the bottom of the page to order!!


Weekly salad - $8.95

Southwest salad with chicken, manchego cheese and creamy salsa

430 Cal, 15F, 32C, 50P   

Served with chicken (tofu on vegan option)  

Crave-worthy feature $11

Pumpkin chocolate chip bars (gluten free)

Weekly individual meal selections

All meals are gluten free and available with 2 different protein options 


Mushroom rice pilaf with balsamic and thyme   

With turkey: 482 Cal, 23F, 40C, 28P $13.98  

With beyond: 602 Cal, 35F, 45C, 26P $14.98  

Sweet chili turkey lettuce cups with rice   

With turkey: 376 Cal, 9F, 49C, 28P $13.98  

With chicken: 406 Cal, 4F, 49C, 46P $14.98  

Roasted tomato and feta pasta  

With chicken: 623 Cal, 26F, 40C, 60P $14.98   

With shrimp: 611 Cal, 25F, 42C, 51P $13.98   

Tomato pesto bowl with roasted potatoes and spicy green beans 🔥 

With flank: 503 Cal, 22F, 47C, 33P $14.98 

With tofu: 403 Cal, 17F, 50C, 18P $11.98 

🔥indicates dish may be spicy

Breakfast items

Overnight oats 496 cal, 21F, 50C, 30P $8.50

Oats with almond butter, almond milk and vegan protein with chia and berries 

*Option to add 1 cup of egg whites on side

Carrot cake pancakes 435 Cal, 5F, 70C, 25P $8.50

made with egg whites, whey and oats (4 pancakes per order)

Chocolate chip muffins 103 Cal, 1F, 21C, 5P (per 1 muffin) $12

made with egg whites, applesauce, whey protein and flax meal; 6 muffins per order

Granola parfait 278 Cal, 10F, 32C, 16P $5.95

greek yogurt, berries, granola and chia seeds

Breakfast skillet 560 Cal, 32F, 43C, 25P $10.50

roasted sweets, scrambled eggs, onions, peppers, kale and cheese with everything bagel seasoning


Oreo cookie bites 71 Cal, 3F, 6C, 5P $10.95

Coconut, cream cheese, cacao powder and whey protein

(per 1 bite, order contains 12 bites) 

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