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Grace Savory & Sweet​

Menu for Tue 5/28 deliveries & pick ups

Ordering closes Thursdays each week at 9pm

Click on the images at the bottom of the page to order!!


Weekly salad - $8.95

Thai chicken chopped salad with peanut vinaigrette

238 Cal, 6F, 12C, 30 P     

Served with chicken (tofu on vegan option)  

Crave-worthy feature 

Big Mac wrap $8.95 ea

ground turkey, lettuce, cheese, house pickle and house burger sauce

​608 Cal, 32F, 48C, 29P​

*This item is not gluten free*

Weekly individual meal selections 

All meals are gluten free and available with 2 different protein options 

Taco salad with salsa ranch      

with turkey: 568 Cal, 28F, 32C, 30P $13.98     

with chicken: 598 Cal, 23F, 32C, 50P $13.98     

Pasta primavera    

With chicken: 517 Cal, 20F, 37C, 44P $14.98  

With tofu: 417 Cal, 21F, 40C, 23P $11.98    

Peanut sauce noodle bowl with kale & carrot   

With Shrimp: 497 Cal, 21F, 51C, 28P $13.98     

With turkey: 545 Cal, 27F, 50C, 30P $13.98    

Roasted corn, tomato and rice salad with balsamic glaze    

With salmon: 578 Cal, 20F, 57C, 28P $15.98   

With beef: 443 Cal, 11F, 57C, 29P $12.98   

🔥indicates dish may be spicy

Breakfast items

Birthday cake oats 481 Cal, 16F, 61C, 27P    $8.50

made with plant protein, almond milk, white chocolate and sprinkles

*Option to add 1 cup of egg whites on side

Breakfast platter: 449 Cal, 25F, 32C, 24P 

2 eggs scrambled with 2 Jone’s chicken sausage links, roasted potato hash and sundried tomato pesto

*No mods/subs accepted

Lemon poppyseed muffins – 6 per order

made with gf flour yogurt and coconut oil 150 cal, 6F, 23C, 5P

Granola parfait 278 Cal, 10F, 32C, 16P $5.95

greek yogurt, berries, granola and chia seeds

Breakfast Crunchwrap 616 Cal, 27F, 61C, 33P $10.50

with ground turkey, egg, cheddar cheese, tortilla chips and salsa wrapped in a flour tortilla (NOT GF)

*No mods/subs accepted



S'more bites 94 Cal, 4F, 12C, 3P per bite

made with oats, puffed rice, marshmallows, cocoa and peanut butter

(order contains 12 bites)