Our weekly menu features for Monday, December 12th

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Crave-worthy Feature - $10

Limited Availability!

Oat peanut butter cups

Made with oats, peanut butter, maple syrup and chocolate

4 cups per package! Per serving: 276 Cal, 14F, 27C, 9P 

Weekly salad - $8.95

Michigan Salad with spinach, cranberries, blue cheese and raspberry vinaigrette

370 Cal, 19F, 17C, 40P  

Served with chicken or tofu for vegetarian option  


Weekly individual meal selections

All meals are gluten free and available with a meat or plant/vegetarian protein option 

Chicken parmesan with zoodles, marinara and mozzarella 

With chicken: 388 Cal, 12F, 15C, 55P $14.98 

With eggplant: 185 Cal, 9F, 22C, 16P $11.49 

Creamy buffalo pasta with blue cheese  

With turkey meatballs: 444 Cal, 15F, 40C, 41P $13.98 

With tofu: 374 Cal, 11F, 43C, 28P $11.98 

Korean street taco salad with sriracha lime crema dressing 

With flank steak: 399 Cal, 23F, 11C, 35P $14.98 

With shrimp: 350 Cal, 16F, 11C, 34P $13.98 

Southwest quinoa salad with corn, black beans and cheddar 

With ground turkey: 577 Cal, 23F, 54C, 42P $13.98 

With chicken: 607 Cal, 18F, 54C, 54P $14.98 

🔥indicates dish may be spicy