Prepared Meals

This Week's Menu

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Korean beef street taco salad with sriracha lime crema dressing

431 Cal, 28 F, 11 C, 28 P



Pasta primavera with chicken

460 Cal, 16g F, 26g C, 50g P

Chicken OR Shrimp Fried rice

519 Cal, 8 F, 58 C, 51 P

Lemon chicken with roasted potato, cauliflower, tomato and green olive hash

445 Cal, 6F, 47C, 50P

Mint turkey meatballs with tzatziki, roasted veg and sweet potato fries  

416 Cal, 17F, 40C, 28P



Cherry PB energy bites 12 for $9.95

Blueberry keto muffins 6 for $11

Veg and hummus cups $2

Protein Almond Fudge 8 pieces $8

Breakfast Items

Blueberry protein pancakes (Contains dairy) $8.50

Overnight oats with almond butter, chia and berries $8.50

Teffola parfait with yogurt, berries and chia $5.95

Turkey Quinoa Tomato Pesto Breakfast Bowl $11.95




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