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Southwest salad with chicken, manchego cheese and creamy salsa

430 Cal, 15F, 32C, 50P               


*Select protein of choice from the list below for each meal in this area!

Firecracker Broccoli and Rice

270 Cal, 11F, 38C, 5.6P 

Balsamic proteins with arugula, artichoke and quinoa salad 

330 Cal, 17F, 38C, 9P   

Pasta Alfredo with Mixed Veggies 

379 Cal, 17F, 43C, 20P  

Shepherd’s pie with mashed potato topping

329 Cal, 14F, 45C, 8P

Protein Add-Ons

Chicken breast 180 Cal, 3F, 0C, 40P

Ground Turkey 150 Cal, 8F, 0C, 22P 

Ground beef 160 Cal, 9F, 0C, 21P 

Salmon 230 Cal, 12F, 0C, 29P 

Beyond Meat 270 Cal, 20F, 5C, 20P 

Legumes 120 Cal 2F, 20C, 6P 

Tofu 80 Cal, 4F, 3C, 9P 

Gluten Free Personal Pizza

Gluten free veggie pizza 367 Cal, 8F, 64C, 11P

Mixed veggies with tomato sauce and cheese **No modifications accepted**



Overnight Oats 496 cal, 21F, 50C, 30P

Oats with almond butter, almond milk and vegan protein with chia and berries *Contains nuts

*Option to add 3 egg whites

Red Velvet Protein Pancakes 376 Cal, 4F, 56C, 28P

Made with egg whites, oats and PB powder

Zucchini Oat Breakfast Muffins 103 Cal, 1F, 21C, 5P

made with egg whites, applesauce, whey protein and flax meal

Breakfast Skillet 560 Cal, 33F, 43C, 25P

Scrambled eggs with potato and vegetable hash topped with cheese

Breakfast Bento 469 Cal, 24F, 37C, 20P 

One hard boiled egg, 2 energy bites, 1 mini granola parfait and 3 mini protein pancakes



Coffee Cake Keto Muffins *Contains nuts 

Peppermint Mocha Energy Bites *Contains nuts 

Protein Almond Fudge chocolate, almond butter and collagen protein *Contains nuts

179 cal, 13F, 13C, 5P (per 1/8)

Keto Cookie Dough- almond, butter, stevia, chocolate chips *Contains nuts & dairy

(Per 1/12) 94 Cal, 9F, 5C, 2P

Lunch Bento Approx 500 cal, 22F, 48C, 22P 

Veg & dip, egg or meat & cheese, crunchy snack, fruit

Veg & Hummus Cup 149 Cal, 12F, 24C, 5P

1 cup veg crudite with 2 tbsp hummus

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