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Grilled buffalo chicken salad with carrot, cucumber and blue cheese dressing

348 Cal, 19F, 8C, 41P


Blackened salmon with red pepper coulis and brown rice pilaf

576 Cal, 26F, 52C, 35P

Quinoa tabbouleh with chicken shawarma and garlic sauce

577 Cal, 26F, 37C, 47P

Spinach and artichoke stuffed pepper with turkey

439 Cal, 20F, 34C, 31P

BBQ chicken with grilled peach and sweet potato

381 Cal, 8F, 36C, 42P


Teffola Parfait 300 Cal, 19F, 24C, 7P

Greek yogurt with berries, chia and Teffola Granola (Teff, Oats, Nuts, Seeds & Maple) 

*Contains nuts, dairy

Eggs & Hash 454 cal, 6F, 52C, 29P

3 whole baked eggs with potato and vegetable hash

Overnight Oats 496 cal, 21F, 50C, 30P

Oats with almond butter, almond milk and vegan protein with chia and berries *Contains nuts

*Option to add 3 egg whites

Red velvet protein pancakes 455 Cal, 17F, 40C, 35P

Made from oats, eggs and cottage cheese

*Option to add Maple or 1/2 cup berries 

Turkey, kale & tomato pesto breakfast bowl with quinoa and scrambled egg whites 500 Cal, 25F, 37C, 30P

*Contains dairy & nuts


Birthday cake Keto muffins *Contains nuts

German chocolate energy bites *Contains nuts

Veg & Hummus Cup 

1 cup veg crudite with 2 tbsp hummus

Protein Almond Fudge chocolate, almond butter and collagen protein *Contains nuts

179 cal, 13F, 13C, 5P (per 1/8)

Teffola Granola- 4 oz bag, made with teff, oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and maple *Contains nuts

Keto Cookie Dough- almond, butter, stevia, chocolate chips *Contains nuts & dairy

(Per 1/12) 94 Cal, 9F, 5C, 2P

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